jueves, 9 de agosto de 2007

Alexander Graham Bell

He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on March 3rd, 1847. He was a Scotland and American scientist and inventor educated at the Edinburgh Royal High School, from which He graduated at the age of thirteen years old. When he was still in Scotland, He started to show interest for the Acustic. Alexander contributed to the development of telecommunications trough the invention of the Telephone, a device able to transmit the sound long distances, thanks to the transformation of the sound into electric impulses.

A telephone works basically like this:

When you talk, the voice produces sound waves which are absorbed by a microphone. These waves are transformed into electric impulses which travel through the telephone line.
On the other side, the reception equipment transforms the electric signal into sound reproducing the original voice through a speaker. And by that, we hear what the other person said.

Alexander Graham Bell died in Beinn Bhreagh, Canada, on August 2nd, 1922.


Endrick: Hello, I’m Endrick, I’m your new partner in this area, I’ll work next to you.
Teresa: Hi, I’m Teresa, Nice to meet you.
Endrick: Nice to meet you too. So you’re new here right??.
Teresa: Yes, This is my first day here.
Endrick: Well if you have problems to fit in with the work here just let me know ok??.
Teresa: Oh Thank you so much.
Endrick: Your welcome, by the way, Can you speak a little lower please?? Because I can
hear all your talking and it’s a little uncomfortable.
Teresa: Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to talk so loud, it’s just I’m so excited about my new job.
I’m so sorry.
Endrick: Don’t worry darling and welcome a board.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ingredients:2 1/4 cups flour1 tsp baking soda1 tsp salt1 cup (2 sticks) melted butter3/4 cup sugar3/4 cup brown sugar1 tsp vanilla2 eggs2 cups (12 oz, or 1 small pack) chocolate chips1 cup nuts (If you want to)Preheat your oven to 375F.

First, we put the flour, baking soda, and salt together in a bowl. Mix it all together. Butter isn't soft when you take it out of the refrigerator, so you have to soften it up. Chop the butter into a few small pieces (about 1Tbsp each, so 8 chunks per stick), put them in a small bowl, and cover it with plastic wrap. Put it in the microwave for a few seconds, until it's just starting to melt. In my microwave, this took about 30 seconds. When it's properly softened, it should look like this. Brown sugar has a nasty habit of absorbing water from the air, so you need to make sure it's in a tightly sealed container, rather than an open ziplock bag. Breaking these clumps can be a real pain, I ended up using a pair of pliers on some of the harder ones. Mix the two types of sugar together in a large bowl, along with the butter and vanilla. When it looks like this, it's time to add the eggs. Add one egg, mix it in well, then add the other egg and mix it in, too. You can still kind of see some clumps in my brown sugar here, but they got mixed out eventually. After the eggs are added, the batter should look about like this. Next, we add the flour mixture, a little bit at a time. After each addition, mix well. Add the chocolate chips and nuts (if you want them) after the flour is all mixed in. The batter should look like this when it's all done. It shouldn't be gooey, but it should stick to itself pretty well. Feel free to taste a bit of the batter and make sure it's good. Next, we're going to put spoonfuls of batter on the cookie sheet. A spoonful is a pretty strange measure, so this is about how much I usually use. You should be able to get 16 cookies on a large cookie sheet. Put the cookies on the middle rack of the oven. After 10 minutes or so, the cookies should look about like this. Take the cookies out of the oven, and give them a few minutes to cool down before trying to do anything with them. In the end, this wound up making about 50 cookies.

My Travel to France

The last summer I travelled to France with my parents. Getting the passports and the visa was easier than to other countries but it was also a nightmare. We choose to travel on summer to travel more comfortable because of the clothing and we carried many travellers checks just in case but we always use the credit card.
The food was delicious but it’s a little different from here, at breakfast they had croissants and coffee and they eat a lot of cheese at lunch, and they have all kinds of cheese, like 20 different kinds.
Well we went to Paris, the capital of France and the most romantic city in the world. The city full of culture and museums and antique buildings but it’s also a very modern city, that’s weird. We went to Eiffel Tower of course, the most important place to go there.

It’s better at night because the tower is all covered with lights. It’s very romantic. We also went to the Louvre Museum, it’s amazing how big it is.

We saw the Mona Lisa and the glass pyramid on the center of the museum where they kept the Egyptian collection. We spent all day in the Museum and we couldn’t see all the things, it’s too big. Next day we went to the Arc of the Triumph and the Elisions Fields with is like a big, big park and the arc is really big.

And finally we went to the Notre Dame Cathedral, it’s an antique church, very important to the people.

It was a wonderful trip and it wasn’t so expensive, the hotels are not so expensive and the public transportation is very good so you can go wherever for a few euros. Also the hotels offer a package that includes passes to the museums, train tickets and other things for about 150 euros. There’s so much to see there that I can’t wait to go there again.

Description of the Apartment

My apartment is small and very safe,it has 3 bedrooms,2 bathrooms, the kitchen isn´t small , my room is cramped, modern and clean .

My dreams house is very huge, safe and private,it has 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, the kitchen is spacious, the garage is comfortable and it has a swimming pool.

Dear Governor

The city is very clean, we have a very nice park and the traffic moves quickly, except at rush hour. However, we don’t have a train and subway system.

Ted and Ana

After the accident Ana taught Ted to rollerblade and they became very good friends. Finally Ted invited her to go out on a date so they went out and discovered that they had fall in love since the first day they met, it was love at first sight, or at first hit. They continue dating for some time and they finally got engaged to get married soon.